Why Give?

1. Students

75% of SJC students receive financial aid. Each year, the SJC Annual Fund helps many gifted students cover the cost of attending the College. Much like their predecessors that walked through the doors in 1916, many of today’s students are the first in their family to go to college. They rely on the generous support of the entire SJC community to realize their dreams of receiving a quality education.

2. Campus Life

Gifts to St. Joseph’s College cover more than tuition expenses. Your generosity also supports on-campus activities — from sports teams to clubs and a variety of campuswide events — your donation provides students with opportunities to expand their horizons with engaging educational experiences outside of the classroom.

3. Faculty

Over the years, SJC’s faculty has provided a first-rate education for thousands of students, and the tradition continues with your generous support. A donation to the Annual Fund is one way to further strengthen the excellent educational foundation that St. Joseph’s faculty consistently provide.

Why I Give

“St. Joseph’s College not only provided me with an education, it also helped me achieve my numerous goals. I continually give back to St. Joseph’s because it is only right. This College has given so much to me. I have an education, memories and friends that will last a lifetime. I give because I want to play a small role in the future development of this College.”

Joseph Salvatore ’07

“Places such as SJC and the people who care for the students are hard to find and so valuable. And that’s why I give back.”

John Fitzgerald ‘93

“As an SJC student, I was involved in SGA, Greek life and athletics — communities that were bolstered by alumni support. It is my honor to give back to this elite establishment and ensure students have the same opportunities as I did.”

Benedict Tieniber ’06

Former President of the Long Island Alumni Association
“The reason I give back is because of my love of this College, and for others to benefit from what I have graciously received. I have been a member of the St. Joseph’s College family for the past 10 years as a student, graduating with three degrees, and as a professional, working on campus for six years in the Office of Student Life.”

Bryan Gill, M.S., M.B.A. ’06, ’10

Director of Student Activities and Co-Curricular Programs at St. Joseph's College
“I know that my donations to the College will make a difference in the students’ lives, whether through scholarships or some other form of grant aid, because it did in mine. What was important to me was the feeling that St. Joe’s really cared about me. I felt independence there and involvement. I would love to see clubs, activities and athletics programs continue to grow because they were such a big part of my time at St. Joe’s.”

Vanessa Barrios ’00

“My hope and my reason for giving is that the legacy of SJC will continue well into the future. I encourage all alumni to consider what they can to continue the tradition of the College motto: Esse non videri — ‘To be not to Seem.’”

Dianne Piwinski ‘72

“My wife and I firmly believe that as parents, you should contribute to what interests your children. And if you’re lucky enough to be able to send them to a private, non-state supported college like St. Joseph’s, you have a duty and responsibility to educate yourself to recognize that tuition simply cannot cover all the school programs.”

Robert Sarrica

“I give back because my years at St. Joe’s were some of my happiest.  I made life long friends and had a gratifying career as an elementary school teacher. Commitment to my faith and community have deepened over the years, but it all started at 245 Clinton Ave.’”

Eugenia Serpe Sivillo '65

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