Reunion Giving

SJC Celebrates Reunion Classes!

Reunion giving is a unique way for anniversary classes to show their appreciation to SJC. A reunion gift is an opportunity to celebrate your time at SJC and the friendships you made, the education you earned, as well as make it possible for talented and deserving students, our future alumni, to enjoy the same experience.

All gifts made between July 1, 2019, and June 30, 2020, will count toward the class gift. For more information on reunion giving, please contact Jennifer Apicella at 718.940.5572 or

Click on your anniversary year below to see what your class is doing.

SJC Reunion Giving — 1960 Diamond Jubilee
SJC Reunion Giving — 1965 55th Anniversary
SJC Reunion Giving — 1970 Golden Jubilee
SJC Reunion Giving — 1995 Silver Anniversary

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