S. Elizabeth A. Hill Scholarship Fund

S. Elizabeth A. Hill

After 17 years as president of St. Joseph’s College, S. Elizabeth A. Hill, C.S.J., has announced her decision to retire in June 2014. S. Elizabeth’s legacy is unmatched, and one is hard pressed to find an appropriate way to express gratitude for a lifetime of extraordinary service. To honor her legacy, and in some small way to offer a tangible expression of gratitude, the College has established the S. Elizabeth A. Hill Scholarship Fund to assist students in need.

Providing an excellent education to all students, regardless of their ability to pay tuition, has been at the cornerstone of S. Elizabeth’s presidency. It is the reason St. Joseph’s College offers a superb education while remaining one of the most affordable private colleges in New York.

The College strives every day to produce students with integrity, intellectual and spiritual values, and a sense of social responsibility and service. This delicate balance can only be accomplished through the generosity of our benefactors and, more specifically, through your contribution. Think of the difference it would make if 32,000 alumni joined together to make a donation. Perhaps it would be something like the difference that S. Elizabeth has made in the lives of so many.

Please consider giving a gift today to the S. Elizabeth A. Hill Scholarship Fund and help provide support for all the students who will one day join you as St. Joseph’s College alumni.

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