Marian Russo Scholarship Fund

One of the things that sets St. Joseph’s students, faculty and alumni apart from others is our strong sense of community and commitment. A supportive, caring environment is the hallmark of an SJC education. The first person who comes to my mind when reflecting on that hallmark is my friend, Marian Russo.

Marian, St. Joseph’s director of student activities and co-curricular programs for nearly 30 years, has been a steadfast supporter of SJC students — especially those in need.

Sadly, a number of St. Joseph’s College students have experienced firsthand the devastating impact of a crisis, this year more than others. For students affected by tragedy — whether it is the sudden loss of a family member, an illness or other personal situation — the resulting financial repercussions can be just as crippling as the tragedy itself.

For this reason, the College has created the Marian Russo Scholarship Fund as a tribute to someone who has spent her professional life supporting thousands of SJC students through countless situations. Marian is always there with a comforting word or a reassuring smile — and suddenly our students are not alone in their crises.

The Marian Russo Scholarship Fund will ensure that each of us has an opportunity to stand up for our students. This fund gives a quick response to address students’ needs, and will be used to provide tuition payments or academic materials to those who require critical financial assistance.

Every student matters, and every dollar makes the difference. As we move forward in establishing the Marian Russo Scholarship Fund, we ask you to please consider joining us in our endeavor by making a donation today.

For more information about the Marian Russo Scholarship Fund, contact Kelly Cortes at 631.687.5197 or

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“Marian Russo’s Scholarship Fund has assisted students in dire situations who had nowhere else to turn. From not having a place to live to not having enough money for gas to get to school, this fund has literally helped students survive through the semester. If we had not been able to help them with this fund, some students would have had to drop out of school and some would have just given up hope.”

Jacqueline Merriweather
Director of Wellness